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Mastodon for Beginners:

1. This isn't Twitter.
2. No, really. Seriously.
3. Okay, now imagine that when Twitter came out a bunch of people wrote stuff that allowed for posting small amounts of material at a time ('microblogging') but weren't owners (or owned by) a corporation.
4. Now imagine people are on it and we don't like corps there and we don't want shitheads here.
5. That's about it, really. Oh, and there's jorts. You'll learn of the jorts.
6. REALLY, lots of jorting.

It goes without saying that you can ask @gm_midgardsormr too. He doesn't bite, honest.

I know I'm not from around here, but my cousin asked me for help since I'm the only dragon he knew who had experience with social networks (if you can call watching Ion use hers that).

If anyone needs any help, just message me from your tomephone! Kyuii~n!


Warkr is an in-character (IC) social media network for Final Fantasy XIV Online.